Iconic Italian design meets performance bred from years of racing heritage. Let FIAT meet your economical Fleet needs.

Iconic Italian design meets performance bred from years of racing heritage. Let FIAT meet your economical Fleet needs.


In today’s business world, we understand that each business is unique and presents its own set of construction or transportation needs and requirements. So whatever your unique requirements are, we rise to the challenge and tailor our programs to suit your needs.

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Incentive Program:

What are the benefits of becoming a Fleet Customer? First, you get a quality product with every Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, RAM and FIAT® vehicle. Second, you get added value with our Fleet Programs. And most importantly, you get the best service in the business from the experts at FCA Canada Fleet Operations.

Eligibility & Enrollment:

Do you qualify?

A company having one of the following:

  • a valid GST number
  • owning and/or leasing five (5) or more passenger cars and/or trucks
  • purchasing three (3) or more FCA Canada vehicles at one time

May become a registered Fleet Account by:

  • Establishing to the satisfaction of FCA Canada that they possess the required number of vehicles
  • Completing, signing and agreeing to the terms of the Fleet Customer Enrollment Form
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Apply to become a Fleet Customer by completing the "Fleet Account Application Form".

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Real Partnership

As soon as you begin your Fleet journey with FCA, you enter into a partnership with us. With our large network of 440 retailers across the country, we pride ourselves on responding to customer inquiries within 24 hours and servicing all our customers in a fair, equitable and professional way.

  • 440 FCA dealers in Canada
  • Respond to customer enquires within 24 hours
  • Customize your vehicle for any business need

More Fleet Passenger Cars

Our range of passenger vehicles are ready to take on the challenges and requirements of today’s business’. From compact to full-size luxury, all the way to customized construction vehicles, visit our Fleet site today.

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More Fleet Categories

Whatever type of vehicle it is your business requires, we have it all covered. From customer delivery and shuffle services across the city, to a heavy-duty construction site, we have award-winning vehicles to cover the gamut of today’s business transportation needs.

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